Align your marketing & sales teams around what to say to buyers to win their trust and business

Be the technology provider companies trust for answers to seven critical questions

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Are you losing business to your competitors - even though your solution is on par or superior?

Is your company struggling to communicate your solution's value and differentiators?

Are your sales and marketing teams on a different page when messaging buyers?


Are you tired of wasting everyone's time and  money on activities that don't generate sales?

I've interviewed over 1,000 business and IT executives about their technology buying decisions - and this is WHAT I'VE DISCOVERED...


You DON'T need to be a tech giant or the market leader to win buyer trust and business


You DON'T even need to outperform your competitors when it comes to features and functionality

You need to be a TRUSTED ADVISOR

If you get on buyers' radar early in their buying journey, and know how to persuasively answer these 7 critical questions, you'll win their trust and business.


"How do we solve this problem?"


"Is it urgent that we solve this problem now?


"How much time, effort and resources will it take?"


"What should we look for in a solution and partner?"


"How are you different and better than your competitors?


" What is the user experience like?"


"What do your customers think of you?"

I can help you to answer these 7 critical questions 

Gordana Stok Buyer Journey Expert
Gordana Stok, Buyer Journey Expert

I understand the goals, challenges and frustrations of technology providers - and those of your buyers, too!

As a B2B technology marketer that specializes in the buyer journey, I've interviewed over 1,000 business and IT executives for more than 70 technology research studies. And what I've discovered is that there's a BIG DISCONNECT between what tech providers are saying to buyers - and what buyers want to hear.

I can help you bridge that gap with my powerful B2B message framework.

  • 25+ years of hands-on, B2B technology marketing experience
  • 70+ technology research studies and 1,000+ buyer interviews
  • Research studies for Amazon Web Services, Marketo, Adobe, ADP, & more

I can transform your content and customer case studies into assets buyers crave

Here's what your team will learn and do in our work together


Transform Your Team's Understanding of Buyers

Go from guessing how to provide value and earn buyers' trust to anticipating their questions and needs throughout their buying and decision journey. Gain deep insights into the buyers' world, including their goals, thinking process, and information needs. 


Conduct Interviews Like a Pro!

Capture the most compelling and persuasive information to include in your buyer responses and case studies.  Conduct probing interviews with your internal experts and customers using my detailed interview questions and discussion guides for each of the 7 buyer question


Create More Powerful and Engaging Assets

Create written or video responses to buyer's questions in the form of a Q&A interview with your internal experts or customers. Your marketing content, sales aids and case studies will  sound like natural and engaging conversation with buyers, making them more personal,  trustworthy, powerful and persuasive.

  • "...insights into the mind of the buyer are truly invaluable"

    "Gordana's insights into the mind of the buyer are truly invaluable ... but it's her ability to turn that insight into compelling story structures that sets her apart. After 30 years in the business , it's not often you learn something new. But in working with Gordana, I regularly discover new perspectives on how to craft messages that resonate loud and clear."

    David Clark, Senior Product Marketing Director, CM Labs Simulation

  • "... uniquely qualified to advise on B2B message strategy"

    "I've had the benefit of working with Gordana over several years, at multiple companies, on many strategic priorities. She is an amazing B2B storyteller and has a natural ability to distill value statements into a simple, impactful message that is audience-relevant. Her depth of experience in buyer journey research makes her uniquely qualified to advise on B2B message strategy."

    Andrea Masterton, VP of Marketing, Poka

  • "... extremely effective buyer researcher"

    "Gordana's extensive content strategy and writing experience, combined with her strong interviewing skills, make her an extremely effective buyer researcher. Gordana can capture deep insights about the B2B buying journey and the emotional story behind it from even the most senior business and IT executives. This helps companies to craft messages that resonate with buyers and influence their decision-making process."

    Adele Revella, President, Buyer Persona Institute


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Stop losing to your competitors and start answering the 7 questions that will win your buyers' trust and business!

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