B2B Buyer Research

Capture the thoughts and steps buyers took from the moment they committed to investing in a solution, to when they chose which vendor to buy from

Competitive Insights
Priority Initiative

Priority Initiative

What triggers companies to invest in a solution at that moment in time?

Success Factors

Success Factors

What business outcomes or benefits do companies expect to see?

Decision Criteria

Decision Criteria

What criteria do companies use to compare solutions and choose a vendor?

Perceived Barriers

Perceived Barriers

What perceptions prevent companies from buying your solution?

Buyer Journey

Buyer Journey

What information do buyers need at key steps in their journey?


Based on the 5 Rings of Buying Insights(TM) methodology developed by Buyer Persona Institute


“We wanted more than just the datasheet stuff that you find on a typical website. The providers that didn’t make it through didn’t help us understand the breadth and depth of their capabilities.”
– CIO, Utility Industry


Buyer Interviews

30-minute interviews with up to 10 buyers who bought from you and your competitors generate a wealth of insights.


Verbatim Buyer Quotes

Get more than 25 insights and 70 detailed quotes about what matters most to buyers – expressed in their authentic voice.

Detailed and Specific

Confirms the topics you should be addressing in your marketing and sales messages, and how detailed and specific you need to get.

Logical and Emotional

Reveals buyer’s perceptions and attitudes, both at a logical and emotional level, enabling you to wordsmith your messages for maximum persuasion.

Meaningful Language

Hear the precise language buyers use – and that you should be using in your messages, instead of your marketing jargon and sales-speak.


“It was hard to compare solutions because vendors describe the same things differently. You can’t reference each other for the same thing. There are too many buzzwords and trademarks.”
– Business Analyst, Finance


Actionable Insights

Unlike a lot of buyer persona studies, the insights are highly actionable. You’ll know exactly how to tailor your product messaging, assets and campaigns.

Content Marketing


You’ll know what information buyers need and questions they have, and what content marketing assets to produce.

Lead Gen-Nuturing

Lead Gen /

You’ll know what content to serve up at key stages in their journey, and how to nurture them in your campaigns.

Product Messaging


You’ll know what buyers expect from your solution, and what you need to say to win their hearts and mind.