B2B Buyer Journey Design

Create more relevant and engaging, B2B buyer experiences and content that support their journey and answers their key questions

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Value Proposition

What value do you provide, and why should we make this a priority now?


How It Works

How does your solution work, and what is the user experience like?


Success Requirements

What do we need to know and do in order to be successful?



Why should we buy from you rather than one of your competitors?

Risk Factors Icon

Risk Factors

What do we risk if we don’t buy from you, or make this a priority now?


Proof Points

What data, evidence or expert testimonial support your claims?


“We were looking for a list of capabilities. Why the company claims their product is the best because of these eight things. And a feel for how it works and what the screens look like. Just an introduction to the product before I take a deeper dive.”
– Systems Admin, Pharmaceuticals


Website UX Design

Make it easy for B2B buyers to quickly find the information they need, and understand what differentiates you from your competitors.

UX Best Practices

Create a website optimized for the B2B buyer journey, and that leverages evidence-based research and best practices in user experience design.

Key Sections Include

Home page, products, compare plans, free trials, about us, customers, industries, resources, and support.


Content Marketing

Repurpose your responses to buyer’s key questions into a variety of formats and lengths to support each stage in their journey.

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Relevant Content

Focus on the questions and topics that B2B buyers care most about.

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Content Mapping

Map content to key stages in the buyer’s journey to help them move forward.

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Key Assets Include

White papers, blogs, case studies, infographics, e-books, videos, and more!


“Case studies are useful as long as they have enough detail. A lot of case studies say what the benefits are, but they don’t go into enough detail to tell us whether it applies to us in our environment.”
– Dir. of Product Development, Finance


Customer Stories

Turn your customer case studies and stories into your most valuable sales tools by sharing information that is truly helpful to buyers.

Customer Stories

Priority Shift and Value Story

Why was it a priority for the company to solve the business problem that your solution addresses? What benefits have they seen since implementing your solution?

Vendor Selection Story

How did the company evaluate vendors? Why did they determine that your solution was better than your competitors’ at meeting their requirements?

Solution Implementation Story

What did the company do to ensure a successful outcome? How did they determine their solution requirements? What time and resources did they need?

Life as a Customer Story

Is your solution performing as promised and delivering the expected ROI? Are people happy using your solution and with your support?