What B2B Buyers Are Saying

Technology providers have a long way to go to be truly helpful to their target customers. Scroll down to read their recommendations.

Competitive Insights

“What we experienced was the classic vendor trying to sell us on what they wanted and not what we needed. Frankly, we should spend 15 minutes on your demo and 45 minutes discussing our needs.”
– Director of Lending, Banking

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Quick to Understand

“You have a potential customer’s attention for three to seven seconds. So, what I was looking for is something that in 90 words or less came closest to fitting what I wanted and needed to do.”

– Owner, Professional Services

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Specific Capabilities

“A list of capabilities. Why the company claims their product is the best because it does these eight things. And a feel for how it works and what the screens look. Just an introduction to the product before taking a deeper dive.”

– Systems Administrator, Pharma


More Proof-Points

“I expected to have more non-marketing related evidence as to why it was a good idea. What is your demonstrated research and metrics? What have you done to test the assumptions you’re making?”

– IT Director, Manufacturing

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Comparison Charts

“I’m a big fan of feature charts. I have a healthy cynicism that it’s gonna be weighted in the vendor’s favor, but it lets me do a quick comparison. Then I get in and start putting my hands on the environment and start testing.”

– Marketing Director, Not-for-Profit

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Easy Testing

“Being able to test quick and easy. The more hoops you make us jump through, the more people you make us talk to, the more steps you put in the way, just makes it less likely that we’ll put the energy into testing you.”

– System Integrator, Retail


More Clarity

“It was hard to compare solutions because vendors describe the same things differently. You can’t reference each other for the same thing. There are too many buzzwords and trademarks.”

– Business Analyst, Finance


Case Studies

“Case studies are useful as long as they have enough detail. A lot of case studies say what the benefits are, but they don’t go into enough detail to tell us whether it applies to us in our environment.”

– Dir. of Product Development, Finance

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Customer Reviews

“I will look at what people have said about the product. You have different websites for different kind of reviews. If you see the same sort of problems being reported over and over again, you know there’s an issue.”

– Data Scientist, Insurance

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Vendor Reliability

“They all read the same, quite candidly. So, then it’s about comfort with the vendor, their track record, and testimonial from other users that corroborate the benefits of the system, ease of implementation, a hassle-free existence.”

– VP Technology, Telecom

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Business Case

“Anything that a company can provide that helps me to translate the business case to decision-makers and show the impact of your solution on our business is a benefit. Any kind of ROI calculator or comparison tool that shows, not just cost-wise, but security, up-time, etc.”

– Sales Director, Manufacturing