How to capture deep insights about your buyers and gain a competitive advantage (e-book)

Delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time in the B2B buying process is critical for persuading buyers to purchase your solution. But what if your marketing and sales efforts are built on false assumptions about what’s important to buyers and how they make their purchasing decision?

What if you discovered that 70% of your marketing budget and 40% of your sales efforts were NOT being spent in places that actually influence the buying decision? What would be the reaction of your CEO and CFO? 

Don’t think that’s very likely? Well, that’s EXACTLY what one company discovered after interviewing their customers.

Find out how to make more informed marketing and sales decisions and gain a competitive advantage by interviewing buyers and capturing deep insights into:

  • What triggers some buyers to make your type of solution a strategic priority – and why some choose to do nothing at all
  • What benefits are buyers looking for after implementing your type of solution and why
  • What can prevent buyers from considering your company or solution and why
  • What steps buyers take to search for, short-list and evaluate solutions
  • What criteria buyers use to decide which solution to purchase and why